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Awarded a diploma by the Parisian School A Zen Day, I suggest you a wide range of massages of relaxation and being well for not therapeutic purpose on your holiday resort.
I bring all the material necessary at this moment to be well and of relaxation.


For reasons of logistics, only 5 services are proposed on the scene by holidays:


Californian :

Achieve effective and lasting relief of tension, harmonize your entire being.


Ayurvédic :

Improves blood and lympathic circulation, relieves stress.


Relexology foot thai :

Improves general health and weelbeing, reduces stress, pain and restores natural balance.


Balinese :

Relaxes and rests your body at the same time as your mind.


Kobido :

Discover the beauty tip of the Japanese empresses.




*Les prestations n'ont aucun but thérapeutique et en raison de leur nature, ne s'apparentent en rien ni dans les contenus ni dans les objectifs, à la pratique de la masso-kinésithérapie, ainsi qu'à toute pratique médicale.

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